About Us and our Mission

Hi there!

I'm Hajnalka, creator of Heartfelt LaserWorks (formerly Bloom And Anchor)

My experiences with the military lifestyle and my Hungarian heritage have gifted me incredible opportunities to explore the world, which has fueled my creativity and inspired many of the products you'll find in my shop.

However, in recent years, my journey took a profound turn. As a heart transplant recipient in 2020, I underwent a transformative experience that led to a shift in focus and even a new name for my shop. Welcome to Heartfelt LaserWorks, where we blend artistic passion with a deeply personal mission: supporting and uplifting the transplant community while spreading awareness about the invaluable gift of organ donation.

Through the intricate art of laser engraving, I pour my creativity into crafting personalized products that symbolize hope, resilience, and the promise of second chances. Every item I produce is infused with intention, designed to inspire, uplift, and convey heartfelt messages of hope when words simply aren't enough, all while spreading joy and positivity.

When you shop at Heartfelt LaserWorks, you're not just acquiring a unique piece of personalized craftsmanship; you're also joining us in our commitment to supporting heart transplant and organ donation awareness. While our products extend beyond transplant themes, a portion of every purchase goes directly towards initiatives that promote organ donation, fund vital research, and assist those affected by transplantation.

Thank you for supporting my woman-owned small business and joining us on our mission to raise awareness, inspire generosity, and celebrate the life-changing power of organ donation. Together, let’s make every heartbeat count!



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